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Beverly Hills High School

Beverly Hills High School

The motto "Today well lived" seems to be all that is left of an inscription in the very first (1928) BHHS yearbook, The Watchtower.


The inscription read:







It is part of a Sanskrit Proverb: "Yesterday is a dream, tomorrow but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore to this day."

A long tradition informs the excellence of the Beverly Hills High School program. Construction of the campus began in December of 1926, when Beverly was still under the auspices of the Los Angeles Board of Education. Beverly left the Los Angeles High School District in 1935, and in 1936 became part of the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

The first two Beverly graduates celebrated commencement in June 1928. Shortly thereafter, additional buildings were added as BHHS continued to grow. One of the most unique buildings, the Swim Gym with its retractable floor, was constructed by the New Deal’s WPA in 1940.  More contemporary additions to the campus proper were completed during the late 1960’s. In September 2007, Beverly celebrated the grand opening of the much anticipated multi-million dollar math/science technology center.

Growing in concert with the enlargement of the physical plant, the curricular program has expanded in breadth and depth to meet the ever evolving needs of our students. Throughout the years, Beverly continues to explore new directions and opportunities, continually striving for excellence.

Music Industry Center

The Michael J. Libow
Music Industry Center

In the Michael J. Libow Music Industry Center, students have access to a state-of-the-art facility where they are free to explore, create, an refine their musical abilities. This hub serves a catalyst for innovation and is led by our talented Audio Production teacher, Alex Breitman.

Here, you will find a dynamic collection of tools and resources designed to empower our students and nurture their artistic talents. Our students have access to a fleet of Mac computers, each equipped with industry-standard music production software. These workstations serve as the launchpad for creative endeavors in music creation, editing and mixing. In addition to Mac computers, there is an array of piano keyboards which provide students a wide range of sounds and tonal capabilities.

Beyond the physical infrastructure, the Michael J. Libow Music Industry center bolsters a thriving community of like-minded students with a passion for music. Here, students foster an atmosphere of collaboration and artistic exploration through exchanging ideas and working together on projects.

micheal libow.jpg

Thank you to Michael J. Libow for your generosity!

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Bosse Family Library

The Lili and Jon Bosse
Family Library

The mission of the The Lili and Jon Bosse Family Library is to ensure that students acquire a lifelong interest in reading, are effective users of ideas, information, and technology, and have access to a rich diversity of literature and resources. The collection includes 25,000 books and reference materials, and a variety of audio visual items for student and staff use. From classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, the shelves house a diverse array of reading material, carefully curated to cater the interests and academic needs of Beverly's students. This library serves as a vibrant sanctuary for intellectual curiosity and nurturing environment where students can embark on exciting journeys through literature.


Information literacy and readers advisory are taught in collaboration with members of the faculty. This is a space designed to meet the evolving needs of our students in the digital age. Computers access an automated catalog, online databases, and the Internet. Newspapers are available on microfilm. Students follow the district’s Technology Use Policy, and are responsible for the care and return of school property.


The Library is staffed with a full-time, credentialed librarian and one library technician, and is open 43 hours a week. Under the Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Beverly Hills, the BHHS Library is open late on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The Library also serves as a space for individual study as well as a hub for intellectual exchange and collaboration. Partitioned desks provide students the peace to concentrate on their studies, while round tables and study rooms allow opportunities for students to work together on projects.

Lili and Jon Bosse.jpg

Thank you to Lili and Jon Bosse for your generosity!

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Bosse Family Library

Leah Newman Concrete Bench

This concrete bench named in honor of Leah Newman stands as a poignant tribute to a cherished alum whose spirit touched the lives of many. Named in honor of an extraordinary individual, this concrete bench serves as a place of reflection and remembrance, commemorating the enduring legacy of a life that left us too soon. Engraved with a heartfelt dedication, this bench pays homage to an alum who, in her short 33 years, left an indelible mark on this community.

As you explore the various naming opportunities within our district, we invite you to consider the profound impact your support could have on another vital aspect of our educational community. Your generosity can play a crucial role in shaping the experiences of current and future students, fostering growth, and creating lasting memories.


Named in honor of Leah Newman


Thank you to the friends and family of Leah Newman for your generosity!

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Bosse Family Library

Instrumental Music Room