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Horace Mann Elementary

Horace Mann Elementary School (named after Horace Mann, an American Education Reformer, Abolitionist, and Congressman) previously served students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in Beverly Hills. Since Fall of 2019, Horace Mann has been serving students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

On March 18, 1929, construction began on a two-story, 30-room Spanish style school building. In July of that same year, the school was named Horace Mann School. On December 9, 1929, 11 teachers and 307 students entered its doors ranging from Kindergarten through Grade Six. The school was officially dedicated on March 21, 1930. The first seventh grade students began attending in February 1930 and the first eighth graders arrived in the fall of 1930. The first graduating class of 30 students was in June 1930. In 1932 and 1933, the school was expanded closing off most of Arnaz Drive for playground space and to ensure safe passage for the students between the buildings.


In 1962-63, the music, art and industrial arts wing were remodeled. In 1966, the auditorium was reconstructed and in 1968, the school's tower building was opened. A faculty parking structure with middle school classrooms above was built in 1975. Additional property on Robertson Boulevard was acquired in the 1980s.

The school celebrated 90 years in Fall 2019.

Michael J. Libow Auditorium Stage

Libow Auditorium Stage

Step into the spotlight at Horace Mann Elementary's Michael J. Libow Auditorium Stage, a dynamic space that celebrates creativity, expression, and the performing arts. Named in honor of Michael J. Libow, this stage has been a platform for countless memorable performances and serves as a testament to the school's commitment to fostering talent and artistic expression.

The Michael J. Libow Auditorium Stage has witnessed the magic of student performances, from captivating plays and musicals to talent showcases that highlight the diverse talents of our young stars. This stage has become a canvas where dreams unfold, confidence blooms, and creativity takes center stage.

Join us in building a legacy that extends beyond the stage. While the Michael J. Libow Auditorium Stage stands as a symbol of artistic achievement, there are numerous opportunities for you to make a meaningful impact. Explore the possibilities, leave your mark, and become a valued contributor to the continued success of Horace Mann Elementary.

Thank you Michael J. Libow for your generosity.

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Ron Brown Auditorium

HM Ron Brown Auditorium

The Ron Brown Auditorium stands as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to Ron Brown's enduring impact on our school community. This captivating venue embraces the arts, fosters creativity, and encourages the exploration of the imagination. With its inviting ambiance, comfortable seating, and top-tier sound and lighting systems, this space sets the stage for memorable performances.

As the center of artistic expression, the auditorium serves as a platform for our young talents to shine. It hosts a myriad of events, from captivating plays and musicals to student showcases and guest performances. With every curtain rise and every note sung, the Ron Brown Auditorium becomes a canvas on which our students' dreams come to life, instilling in them a sense of confidence, collaboration, and creative expression.

Community Center

HM Community Center

The Community Center is an exceptional facility that serves as the gathering place for students, parents, educators, and neighbors, offering a multitude of activities, events, and programs. This welcoming hub reflects the diversity and unity of our Horace Mann community. Parent-teacher meetings, workshops, art exhibitions, cultural events, and educational seminars are just a few of the activities that the community center hosts.

At the heart of the center lies a commitment to education and engagement. It serves as a focal point for parent involvement, fostering a sense of partnership between home and school. Beyond the academic realm, the community center nurtures a sense of belonging and cultural exchange.

As you consider investing in the legacy of Horace Mann, reflect on the profound influence your contribution can have on the lives of our students, families, and neighbors; you're not only leaving a lasting mark, but also shaping the future of a thriving community.

This naming is available: $1,000,000


For more information on a one time donation, multiyear giving plans, or a blended gift plan, please email us at or call (310) 557-0651.

HM Auditorium Chairs

Auditorium Seats