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El Rodeo Elementary

Beginning Fall 2024, El Rodeo will serve students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.


El Rodeo de Las Aguas Elementary School, as it was originally named, has a rich history of expansions and renovations. Its initial construction in 1927 was designed by Austin, Ashley & Hudson. In 1934, El Rodeo required earthquake renovations. W.A. Hudson was again the architect of record. Various additions in the 1960s required the school to continuously adapt to accommodate the growing student population and evolving needs. Some of the additions included a gymnasium, a new shop, and music rooms all designed by William Shinderman. In the latter 1960s, Maurice H. Fleishman designed a three-story structure and additional classrooms.

 Now, with its expanded facilities and updated amenities, El Rodeo is poised to continue serving its community effectively for many years to come.

Bosse Library

Lili and Jon Bosse Family Library

Welcome to the intellectual hub of El Rodeo Elementary School. The Lili and Jon Bosse Family Library, a space dedicated to fostering learning and curiosity. This vital resource is not just a collection of books but a gateway to a world of possibilities for young minds.

Equipped with contemporary amenities, comfortable reading nooks, and technology-enhanced learning areas, the library is a dynamic center for 21st-century education. Students benefit from access to computers, e-books, and interactive learning resources enhancing the traditional reading experience.

Dedicated librarians create an environment where reading is not merely a task but a delightful journey. Through captivating storytelling sessions, book clubs, and literacy programs, the library instills a passion for reading that extends beyond the  classroom encouraging a lifelong love for literature.

Thank you Lili and Jon Bosse for your generosity.

MJL Patio

Michael J. Libow Patio

micheal libow.jpg

Step into the captivating allure of the Michael J. Libow Patio at El Rodeo Elementary, a breathtaking courtyard that welcomes visitors with a fusion of natural beauty and architectural elegance. Perched above a set of stairs, this enchanting patio serves as the grand entrance to our school, offering a visual symphony of colors, textures, and tranquility.

As you ascend the stairs, the Michael J. Libow Patio unfolds revealing lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and carefully curated landscaping. The harmonious blend of flora and hardscape creates a serene haven inviting students, parents, and guests into a space that seamlessly fuses the outdoors with the spirit of learning.

This meticulously designed entrance patio captures the essence of a welcoming and inspiring educational environment. It serves a space to overlook the entrance to the school where hundreds of students walk by daily. The surrounding scenery provides not just a visual treat but also a sense of calm and reflection, setting a positive tone for all who enter El Rodeo.

Thank you Michael J. Libow for your generosity.


Soccer Field

This Soccer Field is a versatile outdoor space that embodies the spirit of collaboration and community engagement. It is a testament to our commitment to fostering both education and extracurricular activities, offering a unique naming opportunity for individuals who share our dedication to providing enriching experiences for our students.

Notably, staff worked hand-in-hand with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) to customize the soccer field, ensuring it meets the specifications required for AYSO soccer games. This collaborative effort has transformed the field into a vibrant hub for athletic development, where young soccer enthusiasts can showcase their skills, experience teamwork, and build lasting memories.

This naming opportunity is coming soon.


For more information on a one time donation, multiyear giving plans, or a blended gift plan, please email us at or call (310) 557-0651.



The Auditorium, which is not currently available, stands as a powerful source of inspiration and a testament to its enduring impact on our school community. This captivating venue is a haven for the arts, fostering creativity, and encouraging the exploration of imagination. Boasting an inviting ambiance, comfortable seating, top-tier sound and lighting system, and a future of memorable performances.

As the focal point of artistic expression, this auditorium provides a platform for our young talents to shine. It hosts a diverse array of events, from engaging plays and musicals to student showcases and guest performances. With every rise of the curtain and every resonant note, this auditorium becomes a stage where dreams come to life instilling in our students a profound sense of confidence, collaboration, and creative expression. This outstanding venue is ready to be a centerpiece for future artistic endeavors. Please check back for future availability.

This naming is not available at this time.


For more information on a one time donation, multiyear giving plans, or a blended gift plan, please email us at or call (310) 557-0651.

Auditorium Stage

Auditorium Stage